The mission of Red Road Leadership is to provide quality training and consulting services to Native American Tribes, urban Indian organizations and other agencies that serve Native Americans in the areas of systems change, organizational development, and Tribal operations.


As a Native American Consulting firm, we will always ensure that all consultant services are culturally appropriate for your organization or community.


Our philosophy is that all the solutions to the problems within your organization and community come from the people, so we are committed to listening and responding to their needs.



Supervisory Training

Supervisory Skills In most Tribal Organizations, mid-level managers make up the largest managerial level within the Tribe. Supervisors in this position are responsible to those above them, and to those they supervise. They are responsible for a variety of departments and projects. The number one reason for staff turnover is poor supervision so it is critical that supervisors know their roles and…

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Building a High Powered Team

I am here getting ready for a teambuilding training with the Lummi Tribe. I always enjoy helping Tribal and urban Indian organizations become more effective teams. It is true that two heads or more are better than one but only if they are aligned with the same vision. Along with the vision it is essential that a team have a specific purpose. Without a clear…

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring Training is very important in building an employee’s skills but it can be greatly enhanced by coaching and mentoring. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. Some characteristics of an effective coach are; being a trainer, teacher, tutor, and having the ability to focus on one or two specific skills at a time. Mentoring is the act of guiding, consenting, and providing support. It…

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Doing the Right Thing (Ethics)

Ethics for a Tribal Organization Within a Tribal organization, ethics issues can become a major issue which can result in the demoralization of staff and can lead to major liability concerns if not addressed properly. These ethical violations can range from relatively minor lapses, like abusing time or taking home items from work, to more…

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tim collins

“While working with Native governments and communities throughout the United States, Willie has successfully combined Native wisdom and universal principles to assist Tribal governments and programs to improve service delivery, expand capacity and develop true wraparound approaches to serve families and children.”

Tim Collins
Department of Social and Health Services Senior Director, Office of Indian Policy Washington
brooks big john

“Having the right team that assisted us to make positive long lasting social and governance change was very key. It took us from a state of crisis to a state of hope with a promising future.”

Jerome "Brooks" Big John
Lac Du Flambeau Tribal Council
geri mata

“Red Road Leadership conducted a powerful training which had a very positive impact on the staff and the entire organization.”

Geri Mata
Central Tlinglit/Haida Council
antone minthorn

“Having the right team that assisted us to make positive long lasting social and governance change was very key. It took us from a state of crisis to a state of hope with a promising future.”

Antone Minthorn
Cayuse Nez Perce, Elder, Master Speaker and Historian
kathryn burke

“Willie Wolf provides quality professional training on all aspects of supervision, management, leadership and communications. He is strong in his facilitation skills, leadership skills and provides excellent materials in the training classroom.”

Kathryn Burke
Human Resource Director Confederated Tribes of Umatilla Indian Reservation

"When a storm comes, you must stand firm.

For it is not trying to knock you down,

it is really trying to teach you to be strong."


Joe Marshall III Sicangu/Lakota

Tribal Organizational Transformation Process

The Tribal Organizational Transformation Process is designed to help your organization/ department or program go from a state of chaos to stability or from good to great. We will work with you to make systemic changes within your organization which will strengthen all your systems so that you will be able to fulfill your mission statement and function at a much higher level.

These services can be offered as a whole package or you can decide which modules you want to choose based on your greatest needs.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Strategic Planning for the 7th Generation

Tribal Reorganization

Culturally Responsible Wraparound Model

Human Resources

People Skills

Staff Development

Tribal TANF

Wellness and Healing

Workforce Development

Systems Change