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Archive for August 2015

Mt. Denali: The High One

Today President Obama renamed Mt. McKinley to Mount Denali. This is counting coup for the Athabaskan Nation, all Natives in Alaska and all of Indian country. Denali means the “High One” and it is aptly named. If you have never seen it up close you have to go. It is truly an amazing sight. I…

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Does your job fulfill you or frustrate you?

I haven’t seen any recent surveys of job satisfaction at Tribal organizations but from my experience I would say it varies considerably from Tribe to Tribe and even department to department. In some organizations a majority are not happy with their work and at others it is just the opposite. Some of the major reasons…

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Reasons to have a celebration team committee

The more ways you can identify to celebrate your teams success as they achieve various goals the better.  In a lot of Tribal organizations the staff do not get the credit they deserve.  A celebration team can help you to have creative ways to acknowledge the hard work of your staff.   Some of these may…

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Lessons for Tribal Communities from Katrina

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina which devasted the gulf coast and especially New Orleans.  This was a complete systems breakdown.  First disaster was a natural one caused by mother nature and then another disaster occurred which was totally man made and it was the response to the disaster.  At all levels you…

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TEAM: The sum of the parts is greater than the whole

Last week I had a very successful training at Turtle Mountain Tribe on the topic of Coalition Building.  This is an important topic which all Tribal organizations would benefit from.  I received a beautiful birch bark basket which had the topography of the reservation on the bottom of the basket which was skillfully done.  We…

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