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Archive for February 2017

You are only as sick as your secrets

A number of Tribal organizations that I have worked with have at least one secret they don’t want to share with most of the staff and definitely not externally. In dysfuntional families there is a saying that is “You are only as sick as the secrets you keep.” The same holds true for dysfunctional organizations.…

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Developing your staff’s potential

Within some Tribal organizations I work with some understand the value of training and it is given a high priority. However, with others this is a hit or miss kind of proposition. I worked with one Tribe several years ago and their staff had not received any onsite training over the last five years. Now…

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You otter live this way

I will be doing one my favorite training several times the next few months which is called The Way of the Otter. This is about how you learn to manage your stress in the workplace. The goal should not be to avoid stress in your life as that is not possible but rather to learn…

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Peacemaking in the workplace

Within a Tribal organization there are often many conflicts which can occur. Some of them are related to lateral violence issues such as bullying. Other conflicts may include breakdown in communications, personal conflicts, different values or supervisor/subordinate power differences to name a few. The goal is not to avoid the conflicts as that never works…

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