During this celebration of our Nations birthday I find .myself reflecting on the notion of freedom . I was listening to Nina Simone recently who was one of country’s greatest blues/jazz singers. She defined freedom as living your life without fear. I could not agree with her more. At one time in my life I was consumed by fear and it caused me to make a number of back decisions. Over the last 35 years I have learned to face my fears and as a result I now have a lot more freedom in my life. Many of our people still live in fear. It takes many forms. Fear of failure, fear of abandonment, fear of poor health, fear of being oppressed and the fear being successful to name a few.

When we allow fear to control our lives we have a diminished life. I am even grateful that I can express my opinion in this medium I saw on T.V. today a seven year old girl reunited with her mother having been separated for 61 days as they were seeking asylum to our country. I can’t imagine the fear they were both in. The girl did not speak English or Spanish but rather Mayan which is her Indigenous language. It breaks my heart to think of how lonely and traumatized she must have been. We must do better. She deserves to be free and living with her mom. Let us celebrate freedom this time of year and commit to securing freedom for all our citizens and those who seek to be citizens of our great Nation.

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