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Indian Time in the Tribal Organization

Sep 25, 2014

Next week I will be presenting on time management at the National Human Resource Association Conference. One of the topics I will be covering is how to deal with Indian time. I was taught this means “it starts when it starts and it ends when it ends.” This is particularly true when one is participating…

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Coping with Difficult People in Tribal Organizations

Sep 22, 2014

Just completed a training on dealing with difficult people for a Tribe in our area. It went very well. The causes are many but can include lateral violence in the workplace, personal problems, controllers, slackers or those who just enjoy chaos in the workplace. Some of the strategies for change are first of all making…

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Four Ways for Renewal: Emotional Area

Sep 21, 2014

The first area of renewal is mental and the second is emotional. As part of this it is important to be clear on what your values are. Any time you spend clarifying your values will be well spent. One of the most important ones is a traditional value which is respect. It is important that…

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Service coordination

Sep 17, 2014

I am working with a Tribe this week here in Washington and helping them with their coordination between two of their human service programs. It is important that Tribal programs have a good working relationship with each other in order to effectively carry out their goals and objectives. Sometimes due to lateral violence there are…

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Enjoy the fruits of your labors

Sep 2, 2014

Happy Labor day everyone! I feel very blessed to have work I love and to be paid what I am worth. Unemployment and underemployment continue to be huge issues in Indian country. A number of Tribes have over 50% unemployment and some are even over 80%. Wherever you see high unemployment you also see all…

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Moving: A change in scenery

Aug 29, 2014

I have made a lot of moves in my life over the years. Most of them were what are called geographic cures where I was looking for greener pastures. I never found it because wherever I went there I was. This move is to a beautiful seaside community about an hour away from Seattle. The…

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Wisdom: Making good decisions

Aug 27, 2014

Another core value which is based on traditional teachings is wisdom. Some associate this with how long a person has been in a position but it is important to remember it can come at any time. Some of those who have been at their position the longest are not wise because they have not learned…

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Generosity: The benefits of paying it forward

Aug 26, 2014

Another core value which is important for your tribal organization is generosity. A number of tribes have had frozen salaries for some time and are not in a position to do more with current budget constraints. However, generosity is not just about financial compensation. If someone on staff has a prolonged illness and they are…

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Compassion: Another core value

Aug 18, 2014

Compassion is about showing empathy for those you work with which includes co-workers, supervisors and those you serve. This may be giving support to someone who is new to their job and is having a hard time learning the ropes. Rather than having the attitude that they should know what they are doing ask yourself…

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Fulfillment of prohecy of Seventh Generation

Aug 17, 2014

Some say this is the worst generation of young people they have ever seen. They look at their pervasive drug use, involvement in gangs and overall disrespect for others as some of the issues our youth deal with. Recently a some young people here in South Dakota participated in a spiritual run to stop the…

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Patience has its own rewards

Aug 15, 2014

Another of our traditional values is patience which I find to be very important in the workplace. With some of our co-workers it is easy to lose patience with them if they don’t accomplish tasks with the same sense of urgency we have . If you huff and puff because they are not working at…

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Respect as a value in the workplace

Aug 14, 2014

Training and consultation to help your organization go from good to great In our Tribe we have seven traditional laws and one of them is respect. Tommorrow I will be conducting a training on sexual harassment for a tribal college staff. One of the topics will be on respect. Whenever there is any kind of…

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