In case you did not know today is Friday the 13th. Some may think something bad will happen today but I am not into that myself. I don’t believe in bad luck. I do believe that we create our own destiny. We have choices every day as to what kind of day we want to have. If you think something bad will happen today then I would say you increase the odds that this may occur. On the other hand if you take control of your life you will have a good day today. The choice is always ours. Even if something bad happens you can turn lemons into lemonade as they say. I started the day off by doing some housework and cleaning up the kitchen this morning. My wife appreciates that I did this and it helps to insure that we have a harmonious day. It is a small thing but sometimes the small things can make a big difference.

As they say in Star Wars: “May the force be with you today.”

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