Culturally Responsive Wraparound Model

This wraparound model is for your human service, behavior health, TANF, youth services and social services programs. It is a culturally responsive way to respond when children or youth who experience mental health or behavioral challenges. Wraparound puts the child or youth and family at the center. Their ideas and insights about what they need and what will be helpful are at the heart of the Wraparound process.

The young person and their family members work with a Wraparound facilitator to develop their Wrapround Team which can include the family’s friends and people from the wider community, as well as providers of services and supports.

The team, the family and the young person take the lead in determining the team vision and goals, and in developing creative and individualized services and supports that will help them achieve their goals and vision.

A trained facilitator will conduct a 10-day training for all the staff who will be involved in the wraparound model. This will be follow by three days onsite each month for the next year to ensure that the staff is implementing the services as designed.

Some Tribes say they have a wraparound program, but it is in name only. It is not realistic to expect that you will be able to implement this comprehensive program after one day of training. The good news is that once it has been fully implemented it will greatly expand your capacity to deliver quality services to the families you serve. Also, the program will be self sustaining as you will be able to generate a significant amount of revenue which can enhance the overall program services you deliver.