Finding Common Ground: Key to Resolving Conflict

So today two Senators from opposing parties found common ground and they came up with a way to have an FBI investigation into the Supreme Court Nominee Judge Kavanaugh. This was a major breakthrough and up to now it did not look like this was a likely outcome. It does not guarantee the right decision but it will be a respectful one and it may have saved the future of the court and to some extent our democracy given the level of acrimony.

Within Tribal organizations, conflicts do occur and individuals can become entrenched in their positions. This can become very heated. Neither one wants to consider the other sides perspective. When I see this type of energy, I start out by having both sides smudge to clear the air and purify their hearts. Then, I make sure each has an opportunity to express their opinion. Listening with an open heart and mind is key to finding common ground. If you truly listen with an open mind, you will always find common ground and get to a better place. Once this goal is reached you will both feel more at peace and the stress surrounding the conflict will be eliminated. It is not my way or the highway but a better way. And in some cases there may be two or three better ways.

There are several available training courses which cover this including Art of Communication and Dealing with Difficult People.

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