I hope you all enjoy this Labor Day. A big thank you to all Tribal staff and everyone else who works to improve the lives of our people everyday. This includes our Tribal leaders and managers who have tremendous responsibilities and work so hard to make a difference. A big shout out to all those who work in the trenches including janitors, administrative assistants, bus drivers, and all those who do the little things that keep things running smoothly.

Many staff are underpaid and underappreciated. And yet they suit up and show up everyday. On this day let us all remember that the services we take for granted that our Tribe offers us are provided by people who have dedicated their lives to serving the people.

Let us be grateful on this day for the work we have whether it is full time or part time. As someone who has been unemployed for up to a year several times in my life I do not take the work I have for granted. So many of our brothers and sisters struggle with chronic unemployment. May all of you find the work you love that pays you what you are worth.

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