Tribal councils, commissions and other groups that meet within a Tribal work environment often complain about how topics are covered over and over again and there is no resolution or action taken. In some cases, even a year later, an agenda item may still be brought up because no action has been taken and it just keeps getting tabled from one meeting to another. This is very frustrating and is only one of the reasons some people become upset with the process. There are steps you can take which will prevent this from happening.

One is make sure at the end of each meeting you identify who has the responsibility for each task. Also provide a timeline so the group knows when the task will be completed. At the start of the next meeting have those who were assigned various tasks to report on their progress. This will help you to stay on track and will lead to much more effective meetings.

For more information on the training for this, go to Robert's Rules of Order/How to Conduct Effective Meetings. This training covers more than just Robert's Rules as there are traditional ways of decision-making that will help you reach consensus which is the optimal way to conduct meetings.

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