In my travels I have noticed some Tribes have some major issues with staff turnover. In some cases the staff can have a complete turnover and it is not uncommon for this to be an ongoing issue. The number one reason people leave an organization is due to poor supervision. Other factors may include unclear policies and procedures, frozen salaries for a number of years, not being recognized for their work efforts and Tribal politics. It is important to hire supervisors who have the skills and expertise to manage the people they supervise. Not many Tribes have a comprehensive sucession plan in place but those who do have much lower staff turnover and staff that take over positions in the organization are ready when their time comes. A Tribe may not be able to provide major salary increases due to budget constraints but there are a number of non-monetary rewards the organization can provide to staff which will go a long ways to increasing staff morale. Tribal leaders need to be trained so they understand their roles and responsibilities and that they are the ones who should be supporting the staff and honoring them for their hard work. For more on this topic go to and see training on Performance Management.

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