Recently a number of Tribes I have contacted have been experiencing shortfalls in their funding due to lower Casino profits. This has caused them to lay off staff or go through the riff process. Sometimes this can be a good way to improve efficiency for the organization by getting leaner but only if it is done in a fair manner. You want to make sure that you don’t use seniority as your only criteria because if you do this it may result in losing some of your most productive staff. Also avoid making decisions which are political in nature or involve your friends. It is also key to communicate to those who are being laid off that you have a plan in place to rehire them once you are in a position to do so. Do not promise anything you can not deliver on though as this will only hurt your credibility. It is never easy to inform someone they will be losing their job even if it is temporary as this can be a very traumatic experience. Whatever you can do to soften the message will be well worth the effort and will help build trust with the staff who are not affected by this round of cuts.

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