This weekend we lost an american hero, Senator John McCain from Arizona. I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on or if you are in the middle you have to be a fan of the legacy of Senator McCain. One of things he was known for was being a maverick. He was never one to hesitate to rock the boat. One of my favorite examples of this was when he cast a no vote on his parties attempt to kill Obamacare. He was the deciding vote and one of the few from his party to take this stand. Another example was when he ran for president and a lady at one of his rallies told him she didn’t like Obama because he was a Muslim. Senator McCain quickly corrected her and told her that this was not true and that President Obama was a good man who he just happened to disagree with.

We need more principled Tribal leaders who are willing to make tough decisions like Senator McCain did time and time again. As Jesse Jackson says: “You either stand up for something or else you fall for anything.” Let us not be afraid to do the right thing as the campaign season rolls on.

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