There is a documentary out right now on Mr. Rogers who ran a t.v. show on PBS for some 30 years. He was a simple man but yet overflowing with basic goodness. He was always a beacon of hope and inspiration to a generation of our young people. One of the things he was known for was his laser like focus on being kind. Of course others made fun of this trait he had but none of his detractors could approach his influence on so many of our precious youth.

We call our children Wakanajea which means sacred children and every Tribe has a word for this. One of the best lessons we can teach our children and those we work with is the value of kindness. There just is not enough to go around these days. Once you learn this lesson then you can begin to perform random acts of kindness where you do something good for someone else without their knowledge. You might ask yourself why would I do this? Because sometimes we do acts of kindness for others and they don’t respond the way we expect and may become resentful. When you do a random act of kindness the ego does not get involved. It creates good karma and it encourages others to do similar acts. This will help create a more harmonious work environment and a more pleasant culture.

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