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Reorganization in Tribal Organizations

Reorganizing a program, department or the entire organization can be a very positive change. However, if the purpose is not clear, the staff have not been informed at each step of the process, and the staff have not had an opportunity to provide input into the reorganization process it can cause even more chaos which may take some time to overcome.

Here are some steps you can take which will go a long way towards helping your reorganization efforts be more effective and efficient.

1) Define the problem. Gather all the information you need and be as detailed as possible.Sometimes we think we know why we want to make the changes but the data needs to support it.

2) Determine if existing jobs and structure are meeting department goals.

3) Consider which factors contribute to the effectiveness of jobs and structure

4) Identify methods for collecting input from staff. This can include verbal, written and computer surveys. You may also want to check in with review committees.

5) Identify a new structure or model that will support your goals. For instance one organization I work with decided to have a create a management team which was more circular where everyone had equal power. This was more culturally responsive to their needs.

6) Develop a reorganization proposal. This can include timelines, reasons for reorganization, before and after reorganization charts, job descriptions for new positions, new reporting lines and physical relocation. If you are having layoffs the process for doing so based on seniority or other criteria needs to be shared.

7) Determine skills needed for each position

8) Determine training needs and resources

9) Design and implement training

10) Review, reassess and gather input during implementation

11) Determine methods to get feedback

12) Include systems that will provide regular feedback from management, staff and client groups

13) Build an effective team

14) Schedule regular staff meetings

15) Encourage all team members to share information

16) Support brainstorming and consensus decision-making

For more on this topic go the link on on systems renewal.

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