I still carry beautiful memories of my son who recently passed and he exemplified what it means to be a servant leader. In the old days our traditional leaders never asked the people to do anything they were not willing to do themselves. They led by example. It is essential that are current leaders do this as well. A lack of leadership creates a moral vacuum within our communities.

Here is an acronym for servant.

S is for service for others. Always think and act on what is best for those who you lead and those you serve. When I see Tribal leaders who are serving meals for those who are in greatest need this is just one example. Taking time to offer words of encouragement to a Tribal member who is having a hard time is another one.

E is for emulate those who have been role models in the past. When you follow the path of previous servant leaders and model your behavior and actions after them you will accomplish similar results and the people will follow you.

R is for respond to the needs of those who need your talents and skills. If you can not help someone then find someone who can or refer them to an agency that can meet their needs.

V is for vision for the people. As a servant leader it is important that you have a purpose and you know where you are going. Sometimes people with good intentions can do great harm and this is why a vision based on moral principles is so important.

A is for act for the greater good. You will be judged by your actions so take time to reflect on what you want to do in terms of making a difference.

N is for new ideas and creative ways to help those who can not help themselves. As a servant leader you want to teach the people how to fish and not just fish for them.

T is for true north. You need to know who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. A servant leader stays true to the course and does not allow barriers or challenges to deter them from accomplishing the goals they set that will make life so much better for those they are helping.

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