I watched the rescue mission in Thailand with the 12 boys and their coach with great anticipation as I am sure many of you did. It wasan an incredible example of teamwork with over 13 nations cooperating to undertake this most dangerous of missions. They had a clear mission, the best of the best world master divers and all the resources necessary to carry out a successful outcome. This was described as an Apollo 13 mission for cave rescuers as they had to take these kids out who were 2.5 miles underground in the most hazardous of conditions.

Let’s take a look at one acronym for TEAM.

Together is critical as there needs to be a very closely coordinated effort. Everyone needs to know their role and it needs to be carried out to perfection. This also holds true for the your team in your workplace. When everyone does their part whatever you are working on goes so much smoother.

Everyone needs to be involved. The cave rescue included over 2,000 helpers from those who brought in the equipment to those who cooked the food at the camp to the Monks who prayed for a successful operation. And of course the medical staff and the divers were also key. In your team you will need a lot of support to accomplish your goals so make sure you make use of all the help you feel is necessary for the project at hand.

Achieve your goals. Some of the divers and the doctor who went in stayed with the young people and the soccer coach the entire time they were in the cave. This means they were totally committed to the success of the operation and they were willing to do whatever was necessary to get them out. On your team you will need a similar type of commitment to achieve success.

More effort needs to be provided. On Friday with the monsoon season approaching and the air becoming more and more an issue it did not look very promising. Rather than despair the team decided the time to act was now and they gave even more than they had up to that point. For your team this a good lesson because you may get to the point where you feel you can not accomplish what you set out to do but if you have the right team and everyone does their best you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible and you can do the impossible sometimes.

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