Ethics for a Tribal Organization

Within a Tribal organization, ethics issues can become a major issue which can result in the demoralization of staff and can lead to major liability concerns if not addressed properly. These ethical violations can range from relatively minor lapses, like abusing time or taking home items from work, to more serious issues such as fraud or having a conflict of interest. In this training, participants will learn how ethical issues should be dealt with before they become more serious concerns. Also, ethics training is vital to help the Tribe deal with legal mandates and to gain liability protection. The staff will learn how to build trust by consistently making the right ethical choices.

Topics to be covered

  • Implementing the four agreements
  • Examples of ethical violations
  • Legal versus doing the right thing
  • How to develop a code of ethics based on Tribal values
  • Role playing ethical dilemmas
  • Ethical decision-making models
  • Rewarding ethical behaviors
  • Best practices from other Tribal organizations