Coaching & Mentoring

Training is very important in building an employee’s skills but it can be greatly enhanced by coaching and mentoring. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. Some characteristics of an effective coach are; being a trainer, teacher, tutor, and having the ability to focus on one or two specific skills at a time. Mentoring is the act of guiding, consenting, and providing support. It is essentially teaching. Mentoring includes many complex areas of development. In this interactive training, supervisors and managers will learn the key elements of coaching and mentoring. If a staff person attends a training and it is followed up by coaching and mentoring they can retain up to 90% of the information they learned. Coaching and mentoring are an essential part of any succession plan.

Topics to be covered

  • Define coaching, mentoring and the GROW model
  • Identify and set appropriate goals using SMART techniques
  • Identify steps in defining current reality of employee’s situation
  • Identify benefits of building and fostering trust with your employees
  • Learn about steps needed in defining options
  • Identify and overcome common obstacles to the growth and development of your employees
  • Identify differences between mentoring and coaching
  • How to develop a mentoring program for your staff