Tribal leaders set the policy and supervisors/managers implement the policy. Within Tribal government the number one reason staff leave the organization is due to poor supervision. The good news is that supervisors can be trained to learn new skills and knowledge. Today I will be conducting a training for supervisors at the Umatilla Tribe by Pendleton, Oregon. Three things they are known for here are Jodi Schimmel, the WNBA player who is an amazing basketball player, the Wild Horse event at their annual rodeo and numerous sightings of Sasquatch.

I will be covering a number of topics today. I will start off with covering the difference between leadership and management. You need both to have an effective team. Leaders set the vision and managers carry it out. I will be presenting on Native leader traits which make for a successful supervisor. One of them is we have high emotional intelligence. That old saying is very true that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

I use a very interactive format and different ways to teach to keep the participants engaged in the process. This includes a lot of Indian humor which they always seem to enjoy. You don’t want to take yourself too seriously. I also will have a giveaway as I feel it is important to practice our traditional value of generosity. The training today will be held at the cultural center and I am glad it will be there as the spirits of their ancestors will with us to help guide us.

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