On Monday I will doing another customer service training for a nearby Tribe. As I have stated previously many Tribes request this training now as they see how important it is. In the past Tribes have taken their Tribal members and others they do business with for granted. Now many have come to realize that in order to complete their vision and mission statements customer service needs to be a priority. And as the heading above indicates it starts with how you treat your own staff.

I like using acronyms for my trainings and the one I will use for this one is Potlatch as it is a northwest Tribe. This is a Chinook word which means giving and it is the same type of ceremony as our giveaway tradition that many plains Tribes have.

P is for the people. You want to treat all your people with the respect and dignity they deserve. It starts with being there for them and meeting their needs.

O is for open to suggestions. When customers give you feedback listen closely and take it to heart.

T is for together you can make a difference. Let them know that you are part of a team and if you can not help them out you will make sure they are referred to someone who can.

L is for listen to their needs. Listening is absolutely critical to providing excellent customer service. This is the best gift you can give any customer.

A is for anticipate their needs. Don’t wait for them to tell you what they want. The more you can do this the more they will be satisfied with the service.

T is for trust the process. Once you have guidelines and standards in place make sure you follow them. Don’t make exception to the rules as this can cause misunderstandings unless you have a very good reason.

C is for communicate effectively. Make you understand where the customer is coming from before you give them any feedback.

H is for home. Make them feel at home every time you have an encounter with a customer. Do this by greeting them properly, offering a drink and making making small talk with them so they are comfortable.

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