Today I am in Scottsdale, AZ where I will be presenting at the National Indian Health Board Conference on our model we developed which is called the Tribal Transformation Process. The title of the workshop will be Moving from Silos to Circles: The Lac Du Flambeau Experience. I have shared before that this is about how the Lac Du Flambeau Tribe dealt with their drug epidemic by first declaring a state of emergency. This was the first step in taking a number of steps which resulted in getting all their systems in alignment which included personnel, fiscal and the administrative operations for the health and human services programs.

Our firm has developed a model for helping your organization get all your systems in alignment so that you can follow your vision, implement your mission statement and make sure your core values are not just words but actions your staff takes every day. If Tribes and other Native American programs dealing with substance abuse only refer your drug related cases and issues to the behavior health program you will only be able to help a small number of those who are affected by the drug abuse. Over a three year period Lac Du Flambeau Tribe has taken over 120 actions which have transformed their community from one which was in a state of crisis to one that has hope. While drugs are still an issue they no longer devastate the community the way they did in 2013 when the state of emergency was declared.

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