One of the most effective ways to get control of your time debting issues is to learn how to delegate your authority. Some of the reasons we are reluctant to delegate is that we may have control issues and are not willing to let go of our authority. Another one is that we have trust issues with the person we will be delegating to. When you delegate it is important to make sure you provide clear instructions about the task you are assigning. Allow the person to demonstrate they know how to do it and then follow up with them to make sure they have completed the task. Once I started delegating in a supervisory position I was in our department became 30% more effective. My workload went from 70 plus hours a week to 45. This resulted in staff being happier because they received more meaningful assignments. By spreading the work around you build more team cohesion and your staff knows that if they do a good job they will be given additional responsibilities. It is a win/win all the way around.

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